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established by mrs. jane ellen winchester and mrs. hannah bennett as a memorial to their son and brother, william wirt winchester. awarded each year to the graduate student in architecture whose academic performance has been consistently at the highest level, who has displayed the most promise and potential for a future professional role,

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Critiques, Analyses et Avis (3)
established by gertraud a. wood’s husband, leonard wood, as well as mrs. wood’s friends and associates. mrs. wood was the administrative assistant to three deans of the school of architecture from 1967 through 1981. awarded each year to an outstanding second-year student in the first professional degree program on financial aid for travel outside of the united states. the following students have been awarded the gertraud a. wood traveling fellowship:
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established in honor of george nelson (b.a. 1928, b.f.a. in architecture 1931), architect, product designer, and writer, by herman miller, inc., and mrs. george nelson. awarded each year through a competitive application process to a second-year student in the first professional degree program for support for an independent course of study. recipients demonstrate skill as a designer, interest in critical thought, and the ability to express ideas in written and verbal form. the following students have been awarded the george nelson scholarship:
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established by myra louise parsons as a memorial to her husband, william edward parsons (b.a. 1895, b.f.a. 1905), designer, architect, and city planner who, at the end of his career, established a program in city planning at the school. presented each year to that member of the graduating class who has done distinctive work and demonstrated the greatest professional promise in the area of city planning.
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