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we are spiderweb software! since 1994, our tiny little mom and pop operation has created fine, indie fantasy role-playing adventures for the gamer masses. we specialize in retro games with enormous worlds, open-ended game systems, and intricate stories.if you'd like to try out some of our games, our avernum series has been very popular.we don't

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your mother has decided to force power upon you and send you out into the world. your new home: the wild, war-torn land of sacramentum. there was once a successful haven colony there. it then fell apart, for reasons not entirely win the queen's favor, you must go to sacramentum and rebuild haven's colony. but will you? will you crush the nations of sacramentum and expand haven? make peace with them and earn a place in their lands? or just try to escape from your mother and homeland?it will be up to you.
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explore an enormous outdoors and search for towns and dungeons. fight clever, carefully designed turn-based battles. meet three different fierce nations, and deal with them with cunning, diplomacy, or (if you choose) new forts and customize them. install your own smithies, shops, and furniture, giving each fortress your own unique spin. choose how to expand your towns. the sorts of shops you specialize in will give your character different bonuses.
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we currently have two stretch goals in mind for queen's wish: the conqueror:$50k level - iphone port! done!for a long time, we have released all of our new games for the ipad. we would love to put out our next game series on phones too. the extra funding will help pay for the extra art and programming work necessary to make this happen.$75k level - a new realm! done!we plan to have sacramentum be settled by three different nations, each with their own culture, beliefs, problems, and tendency to violence. we would like to add another, an alien underworld nation shrouded in mystery. this will require a bunch of extra design time and art, though.$100k level - professional sound designspiderweb software has always done our own sound design, because we couldn't afford to do otherwise. if we reach this tier, we will act like real, grown-up developers and hire a pro to work on the game. things like environmental sounds and key spell effects will actually sound good!$150k level - android versionat this level, we can afford to get a professional to create and maintain an android version of queen's wish (for phones and tablets). in the unlikely event we get to this point, all backers will be able to download the full android version.
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